Saturday, March 24


The post title is what my Dad called me today after a full day's DIY work. I started and completed several projects, which is a giant pat on the back for me. I am not the handiest person, but I do cut/sew like a monster. So doing actual furniture DIY was a little different for me. But I have to say that I LOVE it. I can't wait to have my own house and create everything top to bottom. Not everything but you get the idea.

The day started out with a phone call from my parents, who had found an estate sale nearby. Turns out the people were selling the house and had a $1,000 patio set they wanted to get rid of for about $300. Well...they didn't accept check, so I had to be the money messenger. It all felt very dangerous. Also, if you're running a tag sale, what makes you think that people will have hundreds of dollars on them!? Crazy. Also the people running it were those callous older women who think you're trying to steal everything from them. They also spent 1/2 the time yelling at all the kids to stop running. Yeah.

So after I helped move all the furniture into the car and onto the roof (did some awesome Girl Scout-worth knots) we unloaded them onto our porch. And then I had the idea: we should paint our other wicker furniture to match the new ones. So I remembered that my favorite place, JoAnn Fabrics (10% student discount HOLLA) was selling their American Accents spray paint at super clearance. $1.97 a can. Off of $6.97. HEAVEN. So we went a little crazy...

Not too shabby, right? The whole thing ( + some other stuff we picked up) came to about $30. With a 25% off coupon. The funny part is that this photo is missing about three other cans that were outside...yeah a little overboard but when it's that cheap I can't pass it up. I mean, the colors are perfect. We try and stay "historical" and traditional with our colors and these match perfectly.

Project #1
Wicker We Do Re-Do

Step One: Brush the whole chair and table to get rid of the dusty stuff. I know that looks like a dish brush or something. It got the job done. Don't judge. This step took about 15 minutes of hard scrubbin'. You want to make sure you get all the crud that would muck up the paint job.

Step Two: Vacuum up aforementioned dusty stuff or anything that is left behind to ruin the hard job that is to come (dirty minds stop).

Step Three: You spray paint it color of choice. We chose Adirondack Chair Green -esque. It was perfect. I should have had a cool in action shot but since I was doing this all by myself that would have been difficult. I might have spray painted my phone green. That would have been bad.

Step Four: Admire your chair. Yes, it still needs one more coat, but it looks awesome. Summer, here I come! Margarita time. Sangria time. Can you tell I am excited for Graduation? ;)

Tomorrow I will post another project I completed today. Get excited. It is super pretty. And satisfying. I love DIY. Can't wait to get my hands dirty again...because honestly I still have green paint all over my hands. It looks like my hands are turning into zombie hands. It's not a good look. Hey boys...


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