Wednesday, April 11


Sometimes DIY projects require supplies that you already have lying around your house. Those are the BEST kinds of DIYs, in my humble opinion. Bracelets are some of the easiest DIYs to do because a lot of household items can be used in the projects.

Last fall I decided to do my own take on a couple of projects, but since The Naked Co-Ed was just a mere dream at that time, I'm not able go back in time to post step-by-step instructions. Me sorry. It won't happen again.

Here's a peek into the top of my jewelry box. Can you spot some DIYs? P.S. to all burglars, I don't keep any real jewelry in my house. Those are in a safety deposit box far, far away. So that "diamond ring" on the right is merely plastic. It's something I use when I want to go out and avoid getting hit on :)

One time I dropped this whole jewelry box on the floor while trying to install a new lamp. That was sad. Plus the little earring backs got stuck in my feet for days, not to mention an earring post almost went through my foot. Jewels that could kill!

And now, these are my easiest DIY bracelets. You just need a base bracelet (I used old rubber bracelets from the Dollar Store circa 2000, no joke), a string of rhinestones (my Grandma gave me these in a costume jewelry haul), and embroidery floss (also known as string). As a base bracelet, you can use absolutely any bracelet you would like to cover, and you could even use a bangle.

First I laid out the rhinestone string and a wide string on top of the rubber base. Then, with the embroidery floss, I anchored the rhinestone string and wide string down onto the rubber base by tying it all together with the floss...and then did a zig-zag with the embroidery floss over the rhinestone string/wide string/rubber base to affix it all together. I then went over the bracelet with a couple of different color flosses, which resulted in these pretty thangs:

Not too shabby. Better DIY instructions from

Here are two more bracelet DIYs that I did. Both are also inspired by Honestly...WTF. For the top one, I just made a tassel by looping string around two fingers, securing one side, and cutting the bottom, and then tied it onto a link I covered with embroidery floss. For the bottom one I wove metal hex nuts onto some string and made a clasp with an old heart button and a loop. Easy peasy lil' Weezy.

Honestly...WTF Inspiration:

And here are all the DIYs on my wrist:

So how much did all these projects cost me? Zero dollars, because I used materials I already had lying around. I like that. Go forth and do some, too.


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