Sunday, April 15


If you share in my DIY pain, you have way too many scrappy materials and not enough time to put them to use. Some people may call this hoarding. If I do a sewing project and have extra scrap material left over, I generally save it. It's the idea that "One day I might use this!" that keeps me going. But at some point you just have to go ahead and put everything together, even if things seem quite mismatched.

Enter this necklace DIY. In the spirit of my last post, I'm naming this the Easiest Necklace DIY. I promise you it is.

There are two main materials for this project:

1. A necklace
2. A a piece of trim.

That is all. The supplies you will need are:

1. Needle & Thread.

So simple. I had a rogue scrap of pink fringe trim lying around for about 10 years. 10 YEARS. I took a necklace I bought on sale for $6 from Jcpenney and just sewed it onto the trim. <---That was the DIY. I must admit I did spray paint the necklace gold, though, because the silvertone wasn't doing it for me.

So the directions are:

1. Trim the trim (punny ha ha) to the desired length. I made mine sort of half the necklace chain length. All depends on how much you want it to look like a collar.

2. Position the necklace on top of the trim and sew it on. I sewed mine in four spots. At the ends of the trim, and at two points toward the center. Again, this is customizable--it all depends on how you want to necklace to fall. I wanted more of a layered look, but if you wanted it to be a full-on collar, you can sew the trim and necklace together the whole way.

Aw, shucks, you want to see me wear it? Don't mind if I do...

And for bonuses, here are some snapshots from my weekend, dogsitting Ziggy, enjoying the 70 degree weather, and having an indoor cookout.


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