Monday, April 2


Today my Mama came up to visit me at school. She got here in the morning to do what we do 'til we drop...pretty much until 5PM.

I thought I would recap some of the finds that I bought, and some of the ones that I didn't buy. Because everyone should share the joys of thrifting :)

We started out our day driving 30 minutes down I-91 to Hamden, CT. In Hamden there is...get ready for it...a Goodwill OUTLET. Yup. OUTLET.

Here is a photo I took of the outlet, above. It's unlike any other Goodwill you may have been to. It is like Goodwill's poor, poor cousin. All of the items are shoved into dirty bins to be paid for by the pound. Is it filthy? Yes. Are the people there missing teeth/shifty/staring at you like you are going to steal the items in their carts? Yes. But that's okay. In Goodwill we are all one big bargain hunting collective. So there should be no judgment passed. I must say that some people wore gloves, though, and that was pretty smart.

Here's a photo of a floating shirt aka my Mom pulling something out of the bins. The bins were divided between clothes/housewares/decor. And that's it. There was a furniture section where all the chairs and tables were under $5, with most of them for $2. And I was surprised to see them in very good condition. I had to refrain from buying all of them to spray paint technicolors :)

So after rummaging, we made it to the counter and found out that they charge $1.39 per pound for everything found in the bins. I must say it was a good deal. I picked up a light corduroy peacoat, a long paisley dress I am going to DIY, some striped t-shirts, some home decor garland, three clutches, sewing supplies and other stuff. My mom bought some shirts for herself and a couple of things for my dad. For about 15 items we paid $24. Not bad at all. The jacket + a map/painting probably racked up about $6 so it was about $1 an item. I would take pictures of what I got, but alas they went straight into the wash. Safer that way. I'll post them + the DIY soonsies, I promise.

After Goodwill Outlet, we went to our two favorite consignment stores up near me. The first was Elite Repeats, in Cromwell, CT. Although it caters to an older crowd (think Chico's, Anne Klein, Eileen Fisher, Coldwater Creek) they always carry a lot of other nice brands. Think Bloomingdales & Barney's Co-Op stuff. They even have a $1 rack that is a goldmine.

My first find. A Halston Heritage clutch. Did I buy or did I pass on it?

I passed on it. It was $30. I spent about ten minutes looking up prices on the internet, mostly ebay. Halston clutches similar to this one were selling for $300 retail and about $200 on ebay. I wanted it pretty badly. The exterior is sassy. It has a pewter metal mesh top part with a champagne pink python body. And the little "H" on the front is fun. But the inside...made me unsure if it was real or not. Believe me--I am not a snob about these things. But for $30 I wanted to be 100% sure. $20 it might have gone home with me. But I am strict. So I passed. Please go buy it so I can admire it from afar/district you and run away with it.

I also saw this clutch that was very Gucci, for about $14.

Not exactly my style, but it's the perfect size and shape. And you could always spray paint it a la Kate Spade:

I think I'm going to DIY one of the clutches I bought from the Goodwill Outlet this way :) Self-proclaimed spray paint addict right hurr.

There were also these Martha Stewart silk dining linen sets for $12 each. Amazing condition. I wanted them so badly. Can you imagine a spring party with these?! Gorgeous.

They matched perfectly with one of my new favorite cool blue and white color schemes:

Dreaming right now. Aren't the hydrangeas perfect?! And the pop of pink?!

So after I passed up on some other stuff and my Mom bought two bags (each $1 from the gold mine) we went down the road to Uptown Consignment. This place is one of those heavy-duty consignment shops. They know their prices and really try to cull designer stuff. But I ignore those sections. I go straight to their sale rack, where most of the items are priced around $5. And it is so WORTH IT.

Here are some finds I didn't get. But I have to admit I didn't picture a couple of things that I have the urge to go back and purchase ;) Oh, me. I need another job. And a bigger closet. That I am DIY-ing, too. Help.

Olsenboye Blazer, $5
Forever 21 Ralph Lauren-esque Button-up, $4
H&M Party Dresses, Black Tulle $5 and Pink Sequins $3.50

So there. Some of the stuff I didn't buy. In addition to a Gucci wallet for $14 and a Miu Miu wallet for $10. I do this in hopes that someone else brings these home to a warm closet. It's like the Youtube video of the woman who makes a video for about not being able to hug every cat in the world and thus being subject to a life of sadness (look it up, she cries). I wish I could bring home EVERY bargain. But if I bought EVERY bargain that I loved, I would be absolutely, utterly, broke(r).

So what DID I bring home other than the Goodwill Outlet stuff? A pair of $2 white jeans to DIY into skinnies, and an amazing set of king pillowcases from Marshall's (yup we went there, too). But not just ANY pillowcases. The most perfect $12 pair from my all-time favorite Ralph Lauren Home collection.

Ralph Lauren Belle Harbor Bedding Collection
People shouldn't be this excited about $6 pillowcases

Yes I get excited over bedding like it's nobody's business. It is the way to my heart. It all started at the Ralph Lauren Home outlet. I bought four king fitted sheets on sale for about $20 each to make one big duvet cover (I sewed myself) and some extras for curtains. That was about two years ago. Now I have searched far and wide absolutely everywhere looking for this collection. And it just so happened to never appear until today. Thank you, Marshall's. Your home clearance section is my heaven on Earth.

And that was today's recap. Where are your favorite places to thrift? What are your best thrifting tips and secrets? Anyone ever been to a Goodwill Outlet? I know there are only several in the country. Do share!


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