Tuesday, April 3


Another misleading post title ;) Sorry to my nosy family and friends. This is about a real catch. Not a male human one, though. One that won't make me feel fat in comparison (sometimes I want to yell at the guys on campus, "Eat a sandwich!").

So I did it. I went back to buy some of the things I didn't get shopping yesterday. You have to trust me on this one: I never do this. If I really want something, I ask myself: Do I really, really love it? Will I really use it? Can I DIY it so that it's worth the price? I do this so that I never feel buyer's remorse. Whether I buy something or not.

But this time the question was: Should I really spend $30 on one stinkin' clutch? 99.9% of the time it would be NO WAY. But this time it was OH YES.

I spent all of today thinking about this clutch I originally passed up. I looked the prices up and up again while I should have been paying attention to English research methods (I'm only semi-ashamed). With a half hour of shopping research methods, I found out it is called the Halston Heritage Monique Watersnake Clutch. That's a mouthful.

Hello my pretty. Retail $565

After all my said research, I did the math. Funny how I use my education for such non-intelligent things. The bag retails for $565. It is from last Spring/Summer season (big whoop, I don't care about things being "so last season"). It's currently on sale in the UK for about $150 U.S., but only in black. So for $30, I'd be getting this clutch, in PERFECT condition, for 95% off. 95%!!!! That's insane. So it came home with me.

Welcome Home, my $30 rose-goldy child.

And I have to say I am way too pleased.


Sorry for the cruddy photo quality. I am not a photographer nor do I ever pretend to be.

I also came home with this Joie blouse I didn't originally pick up yesterday.

Joie Blouse, $6.

It had the dry cleaning tag on it and everything. Perfect for summer. And Joie is sold at Bloomies, so most of the shirts usually are upwards of $60 retail. Even at Loehmann's they are on sale for only $30. So good deal. I also got these Gap skinny jeans for $3 from a clearance rack. They fit fantastically and were in excellent condition. I like to buy a pair of cheap jeans every year so that I can give some old ones a rest. You know the point where the jeans are close to tearing in a spot and you just want to hold onto them for a little bit longer?! So $10 and under jeans are my once-a-year splurge and best palz.

I also bought a dinky little red bag for $1. It is the Halston's red-headed stepsister. It's also like Britney Spears...not a girl, not yet a woman. Pretty spot-on, don'tcha think?

Ugly. Yup. I went there. Purse bully right here. It reminds me of those awkward little Coach wristlets the girls in Middle School used to wear as purses. Cringe. Isn't it cutting off the circulation to the rest of your arm?! And doesn't it make your shoulder look ginormous in comparison?! Not good. The only person who could wear it proportionally as a shoulder bag would be a toddler.

Snip snip. So it became a clutch in literally 5 seconds, with a simple removal of the straps and rings.

And I have to say it looks absolutely adorable. It's about 9" x 5". The perfect size for a small clutch. I'd like a name tag that says "Dana: Turning Ugly Purses into Fabulous Clutches." I would wear it proudly. And people would think I am crazier crazy.


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