Monday, April 30


Nudes! I love nude shoes more than a Kardashian does. It's true. They instantly elongate your legs and I can't argue with a shoe that matches absolutely everything.

Nude shoes and accessories have been pretty trendy for about three years now, no? Sadly, the prices haven't dropped all that much. The cheapest nude heels I got were on sale only for about $18. For a trend that's been around that long, I should be able to find a pair for less in the clearance racks. Oh well.

So I made my own nude shoes! And you can, too.

All you need is:

A pair of shoes (any color): Free, 'cause you already have them
Nude acrylic paint: I got mine for $.99 on sale at JoAnn's
Makeup sponge or brush: Free, 'cause I had one in my junk drawer
Sealant spray (optional): $5.99, but I use it for everything so it's worth it

I'll take you step by step in the process, but it really is so easy.

1. Pick a pair of shoes. I had these black wedges I got on sale at Marshall's for $5. They are pretty cute,  but something about the black quarter-strap makes my legs look much shorter, and that is no bueno.

2. Gather nude acrylic paint and makeup sponge or brush. The great thing about making your own nude shoes is that YOU can pick the nude that matches you. There is nothing more unjust than the default "nude" being pale as heck. Pretty sure we've reached the point where people should be marketing "nude" for EVERY skin color. End rant.

3. Put some paint on the sponge, and go to town (not literally, you gotta finish this project). On the first coat, I did long, sweeping brush--er, sponge strokes, just to get a base. It looked like so:

Still splotchy, but already so much better! It's like I can breathe now looking at them. And yes I used an old assignment as scrap paper to catch any paint. Sorry, Professor.

4. Continue with the coats until you reach your desired tone. I think I'll do one more tomorrow, just to be on the bold side.

5. Optional, but I would recommend spraying the shoe with sealant. I used a basic Krylon waterproof one that is multi-purpose for most surfaces. Just be sure to stuff the top of the shoe with paper so the footbed doesn't get sprayed and sticky and whatnot.

Here are a couple of shots at night, with a second coat on and one more to go:

And here are a couple of shots from the day, to give you another idea of the tone:

So there you have it. Flaunting my Size 10s proudly! Mammoth feet pride. Also, I forgot to mention that when JoAnn's was having the sale on acrylic paint I bought some Neon Pink and Yellow colors, too. So can you imagine Neon Pink wedges?! Funfunfun. Now one more coat to go...


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