Tuesday, April 24


Today I had my first ~real~ job interview and DANG was it nerve-wracking. I might have mentioned in my interview that I had a blog. If they do find it...Hello? Don't judge the title. I've only encountered one problem with it when someone searched "naked co ed vidieo" and then some random guy friended me on Facebook...coincidence? I also told the interviewers that I follow all kinds of blogs, including carpentry ones, and they laughed hysterically for about 2 minutes. Le sigh. I look back and just laugh on it all. How dry my mouth got when I was sitting outside panicking and waiting to be called in. How I sweat through my budget interview attire. I should have taken a picture of it. I call it my cheap "Brooklyn Non-for-Profit" look. Slightly hipster (in an ironically subversive way, duh) and slightly Fifth Avenue. The hipster part...the straight-leg black pants and cuffed blazer. The Fifth Avenue part...thrifted Chanel bag and acquired-from-my-Mom Coach folio. I should get a job based on my ability to thrift together a classy outfit, no? Somewhere that must be a job qualification...I know I sound dumb.

So where did this post just go?? That's right. I wanted to offer a peek inside my dorm room. It really is fun. This year I get to live in a Senior Woodframe and thus my room isn't all cinderblock and linoleum tiles and metal doors. However, there are still the parameters for Fire Safety that I ALWAYS gripe about: no painting walls, furniture, hanging things larger than 5x7, drawing on anything, affixing anything anywhere at anytime. You'd think a more normal-looking room would make a huge difference, but when you can't paint the walls it still feels very dorm-like.

I've managed what I could. Added some homey decor, window treatments, Bed Canopies One & Two, some fun lamps, etc. Here's a little peek at some of the small details, with larger ones to come in a future post.

Every girl who loves makeup needs a vanity, no? I used the dorm dresser, put a mirror and mirrored tray on top, and went to town. It's girly and definitely makes getting ready in the morning fun.This also reminds me that I must do a run-down of my favorite beauty products. I love to share and am definitely one of those product junkies for both high and low budgets. And yes I bargain buy my makeup, haha. Don't judge. I swear by couponing for makeup products. Kate Moss for Rimmel was 1/2 off at Walgreen's last month and a lot of beauty editors recommended the line so I went in and DANG are the lipsticks absolutely AMAZING (sorry for the capsthusiasm). And if you read the Sunday newspapers there are almost always coupons for $1 or $5 off drugstore products.

As you might tell, there are a lot of pops of pink around here. I try to continue it throughout the space...that's a total lie...I just happen to have a hoarding problem and when I find a pink ribbon or box I have to keep it.

The shelves above my desk, below. Lots of little mementos. I would say 90% of this picture contains stuff I re-purposed from home for free, and 10% bought from tag sales or discount stores. Some fun $2 fabric letters from The Christmas Tree Shop. I could shop there for hours, their decor is the best. The Coral canvas on the left was $1 there, too. I also covered the ugly plywood shelves in white fabric because they were clashing with everything. I wanted to spray paint them but I can't afford a fine.

There's the sneak peek. Nothing special. Just some snippets. Do you have any dorm room decorating ideas? Little accoutrements that make all the difference? I want to know.


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