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My first beauty post! Ahh, I love beauty. I appreciate beauty. But I'd like to think that looking beautiful doesn't have to cost that much. I mean, if someone gave me a jar of La Mer cream, I'd be incredibly thankful...my skin would thank you...the glow would blind you...but a cream that costs several hundred dollars isn't in my price range right now. It's the same thing when it comes to expensive lipstick and lipgloss. There is definitely a quality factor that cannot be denied. These products last longer, have stronger pigment...but I've found drugstore alternatives that really achieve the same effect. I'll share with you my favorite lipsticks that are all $5 or under, as well as some lipglosses, that are not as cheap, but $21 and under.

Round One.

From Left to Right: Rimmel Crush (Light Coral Pink) #202, $2.50; Kate Moss for Rimmel (Bright Coral Red) #12, $2.70; Kate Moss for Rimmel (Medium Nude) #14, $2.70; Revlon Soft Nude #070, $5.

The Kate Moss for Rimmel lipsticks are TO DIE FOR. They are creamy and highly pigmented, and come in a variety of on-point colors. I got them on sale at Walgreen's for so cheap. Do keep an eye out for beauty sales at your drugstore! These happen to be 1/2 off on promotion, and stuff like this happens almost every week.

Round Two.

From Left to Right: Maybelline Warm Me Up (Nudey Deep Pink) #235, $4.48; Maybelline Windsor Rose (Soft Deep Pink) #A60, Free from my Mama; Cover Girl TruShine (Pinky Nude) #470; $2; Elf Seductive (Pinky Berry), $1.

These colors are very pink-based. The first lipstick I did research on before I bought it. It was about $8 at CVS, $6 at Harmon's, and $4.48 at Target (not on sale). Totally check out Target for beauty supplies! In addition to the Maybelline Warm Me Up, I got the Elf lipstick there for $1 (also not on sale). They consistently have great prices on makeup, and often go on clearance. Basically they rock the beauty talk.

And some lipglosses for the heck of it.

Left to Right: Buxom Kanani, $15; Tarte 40 Winks, Free; Mac (Deep Berry Stain), Discount; Dior (Goldy Rose) #151, $21.

The Buxom was originally $18 in Sephora, so I bought it for $11 on Ebay; however, with shipping it came to $15. Yes, it was a splurge, but a makeup artist told me it worked perfectly on me, so how could I say no? She is the expert, not moi. The Tarte was FREE because I went to a True Blood (holla) promotion at Sephora Soho and they gave me a goody bag to take home! The Mac stain was a part of a huge grab bag my mom bought for $40. The grab bag included about 30 other products that value all together over $300. So it was a deal. The Dior lipstick I bought when I was in 8th grade as a little indulgence for myself. Way too expensive, in my opinion. I have learned since then.

So let me sum up my top beauty tips for buying lipsticks & lipglosses:

1. Do your research. Not all Walgreens, CVS's, and Rite Aids are created equal. Even discount beauty stores like Harmon's are not the cheapest. Out of my experience, Target has the most consistently low prices out of all the drugstores, with a marvelous selection.

2. However, discount sections at beauty stores like Harmon's and Sally's (look them up online) trump all. I routinely find $1 and $2  lipsticks, lipglosses, and lipliners there. Also, sometimes they keep the clearance makeup in their original sections, rather than lump them in one discount section, so keep an eye out for that!

3. Always check for coupons. Whether it's in the Sunday flyers or online on sites like retailmenot.com, you can always find a coupon for major brands such as Maybelline, L'Oreal, Revlon, and Cover Girl. The coupons range from $1-$5 any item.

4. Flyers are also quite useful for individual drugstore deals. Each one usually puts out a Sunday flyer letting y'all know which beauty items will be discounted for the week. I've caught many 1/2 off sales at Walgreens and Rite Aid!

5. If you're going to go high-end, try sites such as Ebay for alternatives. Ebay often has trusted sellers that offer high-end products from brands such as Dior, Tarte, Chanel, YSL, Mac, Nars, etc., at deeply discounted prices. Always search here for such items, and be patient with the bidding.

6. High-end makeup stores like Sephora, as well as beauty departments at Bloomingdales and Macys, all have special promotions that give out free stuff. Be sure to regularly check out events are your nearest stores. New makeup lines, collaborations, as well as magazine events all promote free makeovers at department stores. I've received a bunch of free stuff from attending such events. And having a free makeover is pretty cool, too, no?!

Hopefully this helped a bit. If you're on a college budget like me, cutting corners (especially with makeup) can make a huge difference for your wallet. Also, nothing perks me up like finding a cheap, colorful lipstick to change up my look :)


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