Thursday, May 31


This is the word that comes to mind when I think of home. I considered writing a graduation post first, but then reconsidered it. Is my graduation what is most important to me right now? Not at all. Coming home and seeing my family and oldest friends reminds me what the truest blessings are in my life. And with such beautiful trees, flowers, porches, and the occasional dip in the pool or movie in the barn, how could I not see what makes me the happiest? The past four years have been extremely hard--that effort is more important to me than any commencement ceremony or hot red polyester gown. Now that it's over, I feel relieved. I made it. I did well. But those years are over--I look forward to what's next.

Here's my day outside in pictures. Beginning with a riveting, no makeup, landscaping outfit. Complete with New York Knicks hat. I spent the afternoon cleaning up around the backyard and pool, just enjoying the sunshine, clean air, and simple sounds of the birds and rustling trees.


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