Thursday, May 10


Here's a gorgeous rhinestone choker my Grandmother gave to me after cleaning out her costume jewelry box. But I could barely get this thing over my head.

I tried it as a bracelet (hence the cut). I was going to double it and tie it. But then I remembered some DIY inspiration.

To achieve a similar look, you will need the following:

1. Any rhinestone necklace/bracelet/trim.
2. Pliers.
3. String to lengthen the necklace to your desire.
4. Neon paint (acrylic, nail polish, highlighter, anything really)


Step One, cut off links in desired spots so that the necklace can curve more easily. I decided to do a symmetrical pattern--so I cut off links about every six rhinestones. This is all so that the necklace can achieve an easier curve to lay flat when worn. You can cut the links off in any pattern!

Step Two, take your string and tie a knot at one end.

Step Three, braid the string to your desired length (I keep saying desired, I'm sorry, how cheesy of me). Here is a very blurry photo.

Step Four, thread the string through the rhinestone necklace piece.

Step Five, get your paint ready and neon-away in any pattern you like! This foam paint with the super easy tip to paint with was on sale at JoAnn's for about $0.50.

Step Six, thread the other side of the string through the rhinestone necklace and tie a knot.

Admire your pretty new neon necklace DIY. I think I'd like to switch it up and put some neon yellow on there, too, gotta go find a highlighter first, though...

P.S. I'm not this serious in real life.


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