Thursday, June 21

Back Porch DIY + Making a Table for 16

Another 100 degree day over here. Super fun when you have low blood pressure and are fasting to get blood drawn.

But enough of my complaining ;)

This here post is about turning a really ugly table (my mom got from her job) into a nice table for our back porch. With my dad's help we were able to affix a big thang of plywood onto the existing table, creating enough room to comfortably seat 16 people, rather than 10. Not too shabby! I say upgrade!

First, we sized up the table (on the left) and the plywood. We measured the dimensions of our old back porch table, and realized the plywood should be cut to about 2' x 7'. Very narrow, but long (dirty minds stop).

After sizing the plywood to be trimmed about 2" on the ends and 8" on the sides, we marked it up and set it on top of the table, and sawed off along the lines.

Next, we flipped the table onto its back, and placed two long pieces of wood along the old table and the plywood. Then we screwed these two long pieces in. These make sure that the plywood will not move around on top of the table. We made about four short screws into each long piece, angling them sideways so they didn't come through the top.

Ta-da! Here it is on the back porch, after I painted the floor. Supah paintin' skills.

And here is the back porch after we put some more furniture back there, and fixed it up with a little love and a lot more paint.

Part of le view.

Now I'm going to go take this very path and jump in the pool...

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