Friday, June 8

Getting Poison Ivy--er, I mean Plants

Poison Ivy is no fun, really. It's a gnarly skin rash that makes you itch like you've got a hundred mosquito bites. My friends with eczema tell me this is pretty much what they deal with all the I can't really complain. But what I do have is a severe allergy to poison ivy. It's so severe that I can get it from simply walking past some of it...yup, AIRBORNE PI. So surrious sounding.

So sorry for this poison ivy rant. I used some of this on it, and it worked:

It's $40 a tube but so worth it. It takes away the PI in 30 seconds!! How can you beat that? It's basically like an insane exfoliant. You rub it into where you have the PI and scrub scrub scrub to the point where your arms feel numb. But what it does is destroy the evil poison. Magic.

And again what a rant. But I had to share that.

Onto the real part of the day!

My dad and I, nonstop, set up our backyard for my sister and I's graduation party, which is in a couple of days. We (mostly him, cannot lie) put up bamboo fencing by the pool, did some general yardwork, huffed 30 chairs, two 10-ft tables and an 8-ft round table all the way down to be set up, and friggin' rearranged so much patio furniture I never want to work at a resort. EVER. How do they carry that stuff in and out?! My muscles got quite the workout...looking like the Hulk, or Hulkette, over here.

But the best part of the day was taking a trip to a nursery nearby (not the baby kind, the plant kind, with much less germs but a lot more germination LOLgardeningjoke). There I got a pretty present for my hard work...scroll down to see it. I'll give you some hints though, it needs sunlight, and water. WHAT COULD IT BE!?

And now, for--

SWEET, SWEET, SUCCULENTS! I say this in the voice of Russell Edgington from True Blood ;)

This lil' buddy, or shall I say lil' cacty, came home with me. I can't use the word "lil'" (if you can call that a word) without thinking of Lil' Sebastian from Parks & Rec. Sigh. My life = television. No shame in that, haters. But onto the sweet, sweet succulent.

You might want to know how to keep a succulent garden of your own:

1. Buy individual plants or a pot of them. This particular one was about 7" diameter, for $18.95. Not bad. It was a present, so I could splurge.
2. Put them in direct sunlight.
3. Spray with water every week, an indiscriminate amount. I asked the nursery owner and she said "I dunno how much water, I don't measure." Badass, lady. Eyein' it like a champ. I, on the other hand, will most likely do about a cup?
4. Move the succulents to a larger container as soon as the roots start to really push against the sides.

Basically these are the easiest plants to have in the house. Perfect for a dorm room! Perfect for me, as I come from a family that pretty much has a plant death every couple of months, despite my mom saying "I don't know why it's so lifeless!" We're not into high-maintenance flora here.

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