Wednesday, June 20

So Hot + Aren't You Grad I Graduated?

Boy, is it hot in NY right now. Oh lawd, it is close to 100 degrees...and I am not having ANY of it.

I spent most of the day by the pool, in my Neutrogena Spectrum 100 SPF. And yet, even though I was totally cooled off and adamant about drinking lots of agua, I am entirely heat exhausted right now. I had wonderful plans to meet my friends for a baseball game, but I could barely get off my couch. In a house with no AC (it was built in 1895 and AC units in every room is super expensive) I did some dumb things after I got out of the pool: first, I took a pretty warm shower; second, I blow dried my hair on HOT (yes kill me now I realize that was terrible but beauty hurts in hindsight); third, I made tortilla chips and stood over the oven when it was on 400 degrees. HOW STUPID AM I. Rhetorical statement because yes, I know now, I need to know my heat limits. As I told my friend Christina, I think my brain has been on vacation ever since I graduated several weeks ago...Anyway I hate being such a flake and sitting on my butt while my friends are  having a fantastic time meeting their future husbands in the dugout.

Now that I'm not checking out tall guys in tight capris (aka baseball players) I'll let you in on some lifestuff, like my Graduation Partay Extraordinaire.

ALSO! Just to give you an idea of what I'm working with here. My beloved 2008 Macbook Pro has refused to turn on this week. For the past three months, it has been quite finicky, but I think it has finally transcended into Silicon Heaven. I took my sister's old replacement laptop, which is a pretty tiny Dell. I have to say that I love it. I've never been one to take the Mac side in the Mac v. PC debate, because everyone knows Macs are not what most people grew up on, and are often touted as the artsy, hipster computer of choice.

So trendy. That's my sewing machine on the right. And that's a flashlight on the left. Just in case it gets all electric "Colonial Times" and I want to sew by flashlight??

Onto the main news! Last weekend was my sister and I's graduation party. I BBQ'd. It didn't rain. My Aunt Laurie & Cousin Bianca took the following pictures.

First up, a picture of my fam during a lil' toast. This could possibly be the only picture of my profile I've ever liked. Also, drop-waist dresses really don't photograph well. Let's roll with that excuse, shall we?

I told you I BBQ'd, but I didn't tell you I looked attractive while doing so.

My dad's eyes were closed, which may be the least of this photo's problems. I'm looking in the wrong direction, is another one...

Duddy and I. Notice my annoying hand-drawn BBQ sign. It was meant to display the fact that we would have vegetarian options, but just ended up looking way to twee and like something from a reject-Anthropologie entertaining guide (I hate Anthropologie, by the way). "Anthro." See? Didn't that make you cringe?

It's true. Without him = no education. Giving credit to the elders where credit is due is very important. This cake was also very, very delicious. I ate it for days after the actual party. I may have put whipped cream on it, as well. May...did.

Me, my grandma, and my lovely cousin Bianca.

So thurr you have it. Graduation partay. The house in the background is not my house, in case you were wondering how to stalk me. And again, I'm not looking in the right direction...le sigh. And by the way more than two people showed up. I'm just bad at remembering to take photos (a blogger sin, no?) and really thankful for my family's photog skillz.

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