Friday, June 29

Sometimes I'm Embarrassing and That's Okay

To continue my last post about writing content that transparently depicts ME, I thought I'd share some embarrassing, not-oft-seen, unglamorous and downright ridiculous parts of life.

And by the way, all this happened within 24 hours of each other. So little time, so many people gawking at my stupidity.

1. I ate fast food. And it was DELICIOUS.

I went to McDonald's two days ago because I saw the new chicken McBites commercial (currently on promotion for $1) and they looked EXACTLY like the fire-breathing spicy popcorn chicken I used to save quarters up for in middle school. So, after scoring a $10 Valentino dress (brand new, yup) I drove to McDo's all by myself and went to town. I also urged my bff Megan to go, too, despite being hundreds of miles away from each other, and we relished via message in the fried glory.

2. My Dad and I went to Stew Leonard's (the best and most super of all supermarkets) and acted a fools.

We went for ice cream with only $6 between us (neither of us could find any money, Mom was in the city, so we just pulled together some scraggly bills) and ended up having the kind of fun money can't buy. We had to ration our ice cream toppings with the cashier, who with every topping told us our total (we were a dollar under and she congratulated us), then once we gobbled it down, decided to be silly with the pottery for sale. As well as the shopping carts. Call us stupid. Call us silly. It was fun.

More embarrassment most likely to come--heck I can guarantee it!!!!

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