Friday, June 29

Trying My Best to be Transparent

Something I struggle with in terms of continuing this blog is determining how much I should really talk about MYSELF. I know it's all about *me*, in terms of what I do, find, like, etc., but should I really talk about my day to day? I'm not sure if that is interesting at all--I'm not sure if I'M that interesting at all, is what I mean...

My best friend Megan and I

I'll break it down. I don't offer the Mommy blog thing, where I tell you how many times little Johnny used big words and finally made it to a homeschool 5th grade reading level, even though he is only 8 and still doesn't even talk to anyone outside the home. I don't offer some sort of luxury, visceral photobook--I don't live somewhere exotic, nor do I take trips to foreign places, or anywhere really for that matter. I also don't chronicle "my style" all that much, because taking photographs requires a husband that will take cheesy photos of you trying to look natural in an outfit you probably saw either in Anthropologie (ack) or Urban Outfitters (no thanks) and carefully put together in an effort to look effortless. These are all big, sweeping generalizations that do not reflect any blogs in particular, but more of the themes and trends that really don't seem to appeal to me or evoke what I want to use to appeal to others.

My great friend Mallori getting ready to throw me out of her speedboat

This is not to denounce other bloggers, although yes, I am the first one to admit that I am a bit harsh. The problem is, I am really, really simply put, a recent college grad with more things on my mind than style, men, and trying to look good for the camera. At this point in my life, starting a career and doing the not-so-fun things (like finances, networking, learning the ropes to paying bills and rent, etc.) are top priorities. I have no salacious stories to tell, most of the time. I like to share my DIY stuff because these projects keep me sane, and it's great to get feedback on projects and evolve them from the community of other bloggers.

Must be the '90s (I'm on the left)

Basically what I'm saying is, if you are a "naked" person like me--honest, open, about the simple things in life without the veneer--I encourage you to stick along. Getting feedback and questions about my projects from readers makes me so happy!! I love sharing things with you guys and brightening up your spaces and minds with inexpensive creativity. When it comes to clothes, I love showing people how and where to find great deals.

In terms of *me*, I'd like to offer little snapshots just so it feels a bit more personal. One of the websites I read pretty often,, has a policy that mandates every writer on staff to include one personal photo in each article. In this sense, the reader gets to see the author, and perhaps, feel like they know him or her better.

At a corn maze last summer looking shadowy incognito

I'm not sure if that's going to be my go-to tactic, but I do like to feel that my blog presents me as who I am, and that by reading it, you feel welcome into my day-to-day life--picture or no picture. So, I think I'll try to include more photos of moi, not in a humblebrag way but in a this is me the face behind the words kind of way. And if you're interested in little old me, I'd love to learn more about you, too.


  1. I like your approach! Good luck :)

    1. Thanks so much :) I just checked out your blog, as well. It is fabulous.