Sunday, July 29

Away Time

I'd like to think of my annual vacation as "Away Time," rather than a vacation. Where we go every year, to Block Island, isn't much of a resort spot. It's more about relaxing, spending time at the beach, and just taking in how goshdarn beautiful New England is during the summer. All I can describe in words is that it is green and blue and white. Everything. The sparkly water, the dense trees, and the quaint shingled buildings. It is so wonderful! Low key, natural, simple pleasure. Sigh. I want to go back now.

Front porch of our house

View from the back of the alpaca farm (yup, they are super loud, too)

Second floor porch view into town

My bedroom

Early morning from the porch

Thrift store in town

The hotel my family (and then I) used to stay at (for 30+ years) before it changed ownership

Mohegan Bluffs on the Southeast side of the Island

Our porch and hammock

Southern Island, looks like Ireland to us

Rodman's Hollow (a hollow is a landscape below sea level)

New Harbor at sunset

Scotch Beach at sunset

My Dad being the rock sculpture mastah

Driveway from our house


  1. Hi Dana! Aditi here, visiting your blog after quite a long time. This place looks A M A Z I N G -- please tell me you at least took these photos with Instagram?! I bet it is idyllic and beautiful either way, though. :)

    PS: There is an alpaca farm right here in Middletown. Just saying. ;)

    1. Hey Aditi! I did take them with Instagram :) Haha. I actually forgot my real camera and my phone stood in quite well. I can't believe there is an alpaca farm!!

  2. OhMyGosh, these pictures have blown my mind! It looks like such a relaxing spot - I would have loved to settle in there for a month or 2 :)

    1. Haha, same here :) :) For realsies. Love your blog, by the way!