Tuesday, July 10

Holy Guacamole!

So I haven't written at all because: I started my new job last week. I moved into a new house (with four other lovely housemates). There is no wifi. None. Colonial times. So I am using the data on my iPad very sparingly. Pretty soon I hope to get real internet access so I can post some new DIYs--another pair of painted nude shoes and a painted bikini. Yup. I painted it. What can I say? The switch from student to worker has been both challenging and rewarding. I would love to write more, but typing this much on an iPad is extremely difficult and I like to type more than two words every thirty seconds. There is a cat here named Ichi who likes my room, but not me. The other night I went into my room and Ichi was hanging from his claws, which were plunged into the sash of a silk dress hanging in my closet. Needless to say I have taken measures to reevaluate our friendship.

Edit: I forgot to mention this post was named "Holy Guacamole!" because I wrote it right after eating the speecyspiciest guacamole of MY LIFE. I was in gym clothes, thankfully, so the beads of spicy sweat passed for real physical activity.

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