Tuesday, July 24

I'm still here!

Hullo hullo. So sorry for the absence--no Internet in an apartment and work then class from 9AM until 11PM is not too conducive for blogging. I miss it so much, though, as cheesy as it sounds. I have so many DIYs to share, as well as a wonderful vacation to Block Island, and lots and lots of thrifting finds. So many. And I still haven't shared my brand new $10 Valentino dress. It's bothering me not to be able to post a picture of it! As of late, I'm in full LSAT preparation swing, and when I'm not in that class or working, I'm using what little downtime I have to look for new stuff for my apartment that I move into in a week and a bit. I am ECSTATIC. I CRAVE home. Being here at school as a graduate student with all my friends gone has really been tough. I miss those friends, and I miss all my family and friends at home. It can get very lonely, even though I have four lovely housemates. I just need a space that is mine, where I don't have to sleep on an air mattress, and I can just sit down and look around and feel like I'm truly at a home away from home. Not just a temporary place to sleep. So please stick around! I will have solid Internet this weekend so there will be tons of updates and projects to share :) And then full Internet in a week and a bit!

From happier days by the beach. With a seriously burnt nose.

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