Tuesday, August 28


Phewf! My room is getting better and better each day. Unfortunately, I haven't had access to my laptop after work, so the next post will have to wait.

This past weekend I went to an awesome jewelry show, as well as one of my favorite consignment shops. I must have a haul soon!

Hmm...what else? Am I boring you without any pictures? I had my graduate student orientation today and I let it put me in a mood. I went in with the intentions of making friends, but it seemed like a lot of people weren't interested in such a thing. It was disappointing in that sense. But what can you do? I guess at this age, if people are not friendly, not much is going to change. I just wanted to find a new community here.

The good thing is that it's only an hour and a half from home.

Also: have you ever hardcore stalked someone? Non-sequitur.

I spent an hour digging around for a former teacher's email. I wanted to tell him that he contributed to my love of history and major and whatnot. I feel like teachers need to be appreciated more. I deeply appreciate my teachers that have made an impression on me. I see all the people going into education and realize that teaching is really quite remarkable--who has that kind of patience? Anyhow.

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