Saturday, August 11


I didn't realize my last post was almost a week ago...I wanted to post about my new apartment, but alas, it will have to wait for a touch longer.

I'm in a decorating rut.

I said it. Sue me. Don't actually. But I just haven't felt the mellow of my room yet. I have a really dark cherry secretary's desk, a white iron bed, an old white and tarnished silver-pull dresser, and a princess chair (don't know why I call them that, it's a plain upholstered armchair) I covered in yellow silk.

Super blurry photo taken from bed in order to avoid lack of decor exposure

But it's not where I want it to be yet. I have these navy blue pillows that totally meshed with the blue walls of my last--very temporary--room. But now it's back to white (ergh). The landlord doesn't want ANYTHING done to the walls. Not even tape. Tape for goshsakes. Oh, and 3M hooks are also out of the question, as it was explicitly denied in the lease. Crazy.

My big mirror-on-top-of-dresser-made-vanity that I actually really like

So I've been doing what everyone does, as I hear: looking for a new bedspread to change it up.

I know. The Ralph Lauren obsession might not be at its strongest right now. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE RL Home more than any other home design lifestyle brand thang. But I've had the same style (in twin, queen comforter, and queen duvet) since elementary school. Really. I was checking out PBTeen's clearance section and found this:

In yellow, of course.

I like the idea of white bedding. It makes everything "crisp," as they like to say. Crisp is such a funny word! Anyway. You can also monogram it, which would be very tongue-in-cheek preppy. But then again, it might just come off as...straight-up preppy. And why would I need my initials on it? Because it's cool and it reminds me of the L.L. Bean backpacks with the initials on the back. My mom never let me get one because she said strangers would yell my initials and I'd turn around and take whatever candy they had to offer me. Needless to say...I always carried the hand-me-down Jansport with my sister's "hardcore punk" lyrics still remnant.

**At this point I have to do an aside and defend my love of PBTeen. I've actually never bought anything from there, but the stuff is pretty cute and can be deeply discounted if you look hard enough. What? What's that you say? I'm not a teen? You got me. I'm also just-turned-over-21 so I guess I can't shop at Forever 21 anymore. Or I can go and "relive my youth." Either way, I'm hittin' the sale rack :)

So what shall it be? A new duvet? Will that really make a difference? I'm thinking another Canopy DIY could be the answer. Or maybe I just need a nice something to hang on the wall. I'm also missing my jewelry and most of my clothes. Clothes make the home (is that mean to say?).

I really need your help! I need the inspiration, guys. I need some ideas on how to get myself out of this decor rut. I'm even considering bleaching my navy pillows in desperation to get a smoother color scheme. Please!


  1. A new comforter can make all the difference! Especially, when you are not allowed to hang nothing on the walls! Maybe try a canopy with multiple branches? Instead of hanging it from the roof?

    1. Good point--it's about utilizing space that can be personalized! On that note, I've also been checking out those crazy ruffly comforters they sell all over the place now. I saw a couple from Urban Outfitters and Macy's (the Teen Vogue line, actually?) and I thought those might pep it up a bit. But I'm so paranoid that I'm too old for all that stuff!