Monday, September 3

Home Again

please avert your eyes from the bunion realness

I was home again this weekend in New York. It was gloomy weather-ed, so not befitting for a last-weekend-of-summer-last-hurrah kind of dealie. That was depressing. But nonetheless, I got a lot of September Issue reading done, as well as homework (of course, Dad). Even when it's cool and dreary, it's still nice to sit by the backyard and pretend that everything is still summer-y: no job, no school, no homework, no that ever happened...but I can still dream. I also got to see one of my greatest friends Mallori before she moves to Ireland for the year. Bittersweet, like the transition from summer into fall. Sad to see the sweetness of summer go, but excited for the cool air to awaken us. If there is one thing I love about fall, it's the cool, windy dusk where the wind sweeps the leaves up and makes mini-tornados--evoking all kinds of tempestuous energy and change.

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