Friday, October 19


There have only been two times I splurged outright on beauty products. The first is when Sephora released a limited holiday edition set of 5 Tarte Lipsurgence sticks for only $28 (when each one is about $25 sold individually). HELLO! That is a great deal. And when I discovered upon trying out each one that one of the colors didn't look very good on me, I gave it to my momma. And she loved it. So, it's a gift (to yourself) that keeps on giving. I included a photo below of this year's limited holiday edition set. I want the nude one so badly!

The second time I splurged outright on beauty products was yesterday, when I received the dangerous Sephora Beauty Update email that read: "Urban Decay Eyeshadows $6/each Discontinued" or something like that.

My heart fluttered. My eyes tracked over those words over and over again, "Is this true??"

I love the Urban Decay eyeshadows--they are deeply pigmented and super sparkly. I hardly wear eyeshadow, but if I do, I want it to pack a punch. These eyeshadows do just that--even in sheer, nude-y colors--so they're perfect. Here are the ones I bought below.

Midnight Cowboy Rides Again (beige with tons of silver glitter)
Blunt (semi-metallic creamy beige)
Midnight Cowgirl (golden beige with gold micro-glitter)

YDK (bronzed mocha with golden glitter)

I can hear my mom's voice in my head: "You bought four eyeshadows that look exactly the same!!" I know. I realize that even more now that I've included them so close together. But the truth is that I only wear nude-y colors. No blue. No green. No pink. So even a slight variation in nude is fun for me. And for $6, come on! I still have the Midnight Cowboy shade that I bought new but broken on ebay years ago and I haven't even ran out yet. These will last me a lifetime.

P.S. I helped coordinate a lecture last night on Lean Startup techniques for business development, and the speaker talked about how consumer feedback studies fake people into not overthinking their reviews of a product. One of the faking tactics is not to ask the person outright, "Do you like this product?" but to ask "Would you recommend this product to a friend?" So I would 100% recommend these products to my friends. That is my endorsement!


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