Tuesday, October 16


My BFF, Megan showed me this one. P.S. We just had an earthquake in Connecticut! And sorry this DIY will not be super explanatory--I forgot mid-way that I was documenting. Oops! Promise it won't happen again. Blame the fact that I was with Megan at the time figuring out how to use an old glue gun from the 70s.

DIY Bracelet Arm


+Blank CD holder
+Empty paper towel roll
+Fabric (I guestimated ~1 yard or less)


First, poke a hole in the paper towel roll that will fit the protruding part of the CD holder. I included a photo of what a blank CD holder is below. It's the plastic base thang that the blank CDs come on.
Couldn't find a better picture, sorry.
Second, lay the paper towel roll over the fabric and fold it onto the roll. I basically wrapped mine up and taped it with white book-binding tape (it's strong).

Third, cut the part of the fabric that covers up the hole you made in the paper towel roll. You have to do this in order to put the protruding part of the CD holder into the roll--the CD holder acts as the base and holds up the roll.

Fourth, cover the CD holder in fabric and cut a hole in the fabric so that the CD holder protruding part can be inserted into the hole in the paper towel roll. Sorry if that sounds dirty.

If I can explain the photo above, the bottom part is the CD holder and the top part is the paper towel roll (duh). I bunched the fabric on the CD holder for a pillowy effect, but a better picture to see what I'm talking about is this one: http://pinterest.com/pin/186195765815024468/

Cool, no? Here are my bracelets making their happy home on it:

It was stupidly simple (my description lends nothing to that, sorry again)! I actually love seeing my bracelets on display in the morning. It's fun. Oh my gosh that is so materialistic. Own it, Dana. Own it.


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