Tuesday, October 30


Tomorrow is Halloween. I have a hard time putting into words how I feel about this holiday. I love Halloween in many ways, but I usually feel bittersweet tinglings every time it rolls around. I've discovered that this is because it reminds me of childhood--it really is a child's holiday--and how Halloween was filled with this chilly but fun energy that cannot be recreated past a certain age. So some of the things I will reflect on:

Dana's Favorite Childhood Halloween Things

1. Picking out a non-slutty (excuse my language) costume.
2. Having your Mom make all the creative finishing touches on your costume.
3. Taking pictures before the schoolday on Halloween.
4. Seeing everyone's costumes in school that day.
5. Getting to be "in character" in class makes the day feel unique.
6. Planning trick-or-treating routes with friends.
7. Making someone else ring the doorbell at each house (too scared to ask).
8. That old person who gave out pennies, because you knew how happy it made them to have company and put a smile on their face.
9. Watching the big kids silly string and shaving cream each other and not getting caught in the crossfire.
10. Surveying the candy at the end of the night and making trades with everyone.
11. Candywise: mini Twizzlers, Whoppers, Dots, Hershey's Bars, and Mounds.

Dana's Favorite Grown-Up Halloween Things

1. Still eating lots of candy.
2. Going to the store after Halloween and getting all the candy 75% off (getting ahead of myself here).
3. Seeing all the adorable little kid costumes.
4. Carving and decorating pumpkins.
5. Watching Halloween movies like The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and Hocus Pocus (no TV here, though, sadness).
6. Cuddling up and dreaming about the supernatural.
7. Drinking tea or a pumpkin spice latte to get all the autumnal vibes in.
8. Going to haunted hayrides and harvest festivals (no haunted houses for me).
9. Reading ghost stories from centuries ago.
10. Giving out candy and enjoying the excitement.

P.S. While there is power here in my part of Connecticut, there are still many towns in the dark. I'm hoping that all kids out there will have some semblance of a Halloween (which they didn't even have last year due to the freak snowstorm which we endured). My family in New York is still without power as well, so I'm hoping that things will return to semi-normal quite soon. So much damage, it makes me sick...blessings.


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