Sunday, October 7

Stonington & Essex, Connecticut

On Friday I made a little trip with my family to the shoreline of Connecticut. If some of you have followed my blog for a bit now, you know that I work at the school I graduated from in May--so now I am an "official" resident of CT, not just someone living in a dorm and spending half the year home in NY (I miss you, college vacations). It was about time that I wander around other parts of the state, and I knew that Stonington & Essex are known to be gorgeous seaside (bayside?) towns.

We got so lucky because the weather was 80 degrees and sunny. The weeks beforehand (and even the days afterward) were rainy & cold, just the definition of dreary. But the sun shined and I was happy for that.

I thought I'd include some photos, nothing grand. I took my LSAT yesterday and my brain is pretty much still mushy. I can barely remember what my last thought was, at any point of the day. But the good thing is that I will be posting a lot more now that my time has freed up a bit (there is more studying ahead, sadly, as things didn't go as well as I had hoped). But alas, I have a couple of projects up my sleeve, including a Youtube channel with my best friend Megan, the makeup maven, which is yet to be named. We're trying to come up with something catchy and beauty-related, but with intelligence and brains in the mix. We're hoping that we can fill the void of really non-peppy, semi-pensive, earnest beauty vloggers out there. We'll see how that goes.

But on to the shoreline...

Tried this Cynthia Steffe on in a boutique. It was $20, marked down from $352. It felt very Mad Men-esque, which was nice, but I have nowhere to wear pretty dresses anymore! It's so depressing. I need some people to start getting married...right now. I can't stop looking at how big my hips look in this I know why all the women on the MM set look so sassy.

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