Wednesday, October 3

TheNakedCoed Featured on allwomenstalk

Woot woot. I can't manage an exclamation point at the moment (my brain is so, so mushy) but I want to describe to you how happy I am to be featured on allwomenstalk. It's like, if you took me by the shoulders and said, "Dana. You don't have to take your LSAT this Saturday. Yes, it is only three days away. But we've made an exception. You are going to get an automatic perfect score because we love your DIY and self-deprecating humor."

So thank you, Meream from allwomenstalk, for making my day (month, year...). You rock my missing socks. I told you my brain was mushy.

Check out my shout out here: 10 Gorgeous DIY Canopy Beds.

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