Friday, November 16


I say this kind of jokingly, but it's true: sometimes it's the small details that make everything come together. On days when I'm feeling kind of drab--like when my bangs are totally wavy and make me look 14 years old with wrinkles--I try and remind myself that there are some instant pick-me-ups that can change my whole look and mood to boot. Without further ado...

Dana Lucia's Tips: Instaglam

1. Add a collared blouse under a layer (can be a sweater, jacket, blazer, cardigan, etc.).

This always gives me the feeling of structure. It makes it look like I took the time to look a little more dressed up than usual, all while still appearing pretty casual. Think of the collar as a necklace...with such fancy designs it just adds a little spark of interest to your outfit without overwhelming it.

2. Be dramatic with a long skirt or dress.

This one feels great because it goes against the grain--when everyone is wearing a micro-mini in the dead of winter with tights and boots, why not go long? I promise it will make you feel super romantic and wintery. The dress that Margherita Missoni is wearing could easily be put together with a cropped cardigan or blazer and scarf to finish it off. Plus it's warmer than a stupid micro-mini!

3. Be Baroque

Baroque elements are really over the top, deep-hued or boldly gold pieces that elevate your look to an elegant, dressy level. I seriously love feeling like a 17th century aristocrat every time I put on something so moody and glam. The point here is to add an element or two and not go all the way.

4. Bracelet it Up

This is the simplest: just stack them up and enjoy the inability to lift your wrists off your desk.

5. Add Stripes or Polka Dots

I think these are fun patterns that don't overdo it. Like, if you put on a neon feather print blouse and paired it with something simple like a red or pink will just look like you're trying too hard to combine clubwear with daywear. That's just my opinion! Subtle prints are the way to go, I believe, and these are pretty subtle but fun.

Overall, I could have said "put a bow on it!" "wear some sparkles!" or "add some sequins!" But those are kind of cop-outs. OF COURSE they're going to make you feel glam...let's just think a little differently about it so we can utilize more things in our wardrobe to achieve the same effect. Also, I'm sorry, but when you're not a teenage anymore, bows in the hair are hard to pull off if you want to look mature/have a job that requires tasteful dress. Of course none of this matters if you're a hipster and your bow is simply "ironic." Le sigh.

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  1. Aw, this post is adorable ! I know what you mean by the little things mattering the post.
    And I'm defnitely taking eed of the collar under sweater this winter - Thank you :)

    1. Thanks, Dayle! The collar thang has totally shown me how to combine pieces I would have never worn together...I know I must sound dramatic but it was a pretty revolutionary discovery for my wardrobe :)