Monday, November 12


Two steps for this one, pun intended.


Two-Step Easy Mint Trompe L'Oeil Shoes

1. Pair of shoes (I used an old pair), Free
2. Acrylic Paint, $1.39
3. Paint applicant (I used a makeup sponge)
4. Gold Marker, $2
5. Spray Sealant (if you have it/want it)

I chose this minty "Seafoam" acrylic paint, and I love it.

I used a pair of old Enzo Angiolini heels I used to wear to my classmates' Bar and Bat Mitzvahs back in middle school. No joke...I have had Size 10 feet since I was 12. Cue the violin. And below sorry for the undainty remote in the picture. I was home for the weekend and catching up on TV! Especially Pioneer Woman on Food Network ;) So much butter.

Step one: Paint the shoes with a brush or sponge. I Used an old, withered up makeup sponge. I just pat the color on thick and do two coats. Here they are after step one.

Step Two: Paint your design onto the shoes. I did fake bows and dots, and I plan to either color them in or fill them in with fun fake jewels. I'm thinking of taking apart some vintage clip-on earrings and gluing them on, perhaps, too.

Step Three is optional: Spray the shoes with a sealant. They sell them for cheap in hardware and craft stores, under $10.

But seriously can you imagine the possibilities for painting shoes? Pink? Neons? Polka dots? Nude shoes again? Maybe stripes...


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