Tuesday, November 20


So excited to be going home for Thanksgiving soon. I have been trying to knit to occupy my brain while I am not studying or at work, there is something very comforting in the monotony of it. One of our dearest family friends works as a interior design seamstress in Manhattan, sewing luxe draperies and curtains and whatnot. She, of course, also has every other expert crafting ability out there. She even once hand-sewed a pillow with lots of individual beautiful beads to look like a Scrabble board. She's the kind of person who casually knits a cable-knit sweater while I'm still on the straight and narrow scarf track. The giant skein of greenyblue yarn above is one of maybe about 20 that she gave my mom and I after she downsized her collection.

. . . .

Thankfulness doesn't have to be in grand actions. It can be in thoughts, too. This past week I've volunteered with a number of community service projects, organizing donations for those in the cold from Hurricane Sandy, painting a map of the United States on the blacktop at an elementary school, and putting food baskets together for families who don't have anything to eat on Thanksgiving. While I do feel that this gives my life purpose, it isn't until I change my way of thinking that I know I have truly done something special.

It was about 20 degrees but we still did it!

When you give someone a hand, either monetarily or in practice, don't reach down, figuratively, of course. We are all human, and I do believe that suffering is not picky. We all can be subject to atrocity, and it's important to remember how much supporting one another, on an equal plane, can change the way someone feels about him or herself.


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