Tuesday, November 6


Attention: this is a political post.

Surprise--it's Election Day. I know I didn't have to remind you. It's a big day, and while I generally keep some of my opinions private (ones that might be inflammatory) I saw this article today and had to share it.

"My Take: Counting the Bible's Words doesn't Yield a Republican Jesus," by Stephen Prothero.

A few quotes from Prothero:

"Over the course of U.S. history Jesus has been a socialist and a capitalist, a pacifist and a warrior...In other words, he has been used, by both the left and the right. Or, as I put it, “The American Jesus is more a pawn than a king, pushed around in a complex game of cultural (and countercultural) chess, sacrificed here for this cause and there for another.”

"As Jonathan Dudley observes in a recent Belief Blog post, U.S. Catholic leaders began to take on abortion right after Roe v. Wade legalized it in 1973, but American evangelical leaders continued to teach that life begins at birth until the late 1970s and early 1980s. If the Bible clearly teaches us that our politics should center on the abortion question, why did it take nearly 2,000 years for Bible believers to figure this out?"

"To conclude, I have no problem with evangelical Christians voting for Romney. My complaint arises when they say they are doing so because the Bible commands them to vote for the candidate who is opposed to abortion rights and opposes same-sex marriage."

"The Bible itself is relatively unconcerned with these matters. It is far more concerned with questions of poverty and wealth, war and peace, and (need I add?) theology."

Just some brainfood for thought.


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