Friday, November 2


Italian man arms. But they're mine :(
Italian man jawline...still mine :)

Blazer: Thrifted, $6; White blouse: Loehmann's, $5; Black Cigarette Pants: Marshall's, $12; Nude Flats: Old, DIY Here, free; Bag: Rebecca Minkoff, gift; Watch: Wal Mart, $6; Gold Link Bracelet: Hand-me-down, DIY Here, free; Gold Bangle: Cartier, Hand-me-down, free; Scarf: Hand-me-down, free.

Might be going home this weekend to get my "new" car...if you've followed the blog you'll know that my car was totaled several weeks ago when someone hit it...while it was parked. "How do you total a parked car?" is the question I've been getting these days. So I'll be inheriting my parents' old SUV while they enjoy a new'll be a swap of sorts. But really, I'm so grateful for their generous donation! And I don't mean that facetiously ;) I can DRIVE again, even if I will be driving a car that feels as big as a boat. Also I will be driving home through and to the blackout zone (it's not a college party but a mass power outage). Wish me luck and more importantly wish comfort upon/pray/send good energy to those who are deeply affected by the Hurricane. I'm still in shock and fearing this cold weather that is looming!


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