Sunday, December 23


My BFF Megan and I on line for free bubble tea.

Holy moly Christmas is soon! What a fun weekend it has been--catching up with lots of friends, seeing family, making tons and tons of food to prepare for our big Christmas Eve party. I am EXHAUSTED. But so grateful. I cannot complain...even the exhaustion just feels like an expected effect. I did leave a bunch of presents up at my apartment in CT, whoops, but I bought enough to make up for it. I also saw the movie Lincoln, which was fantastic, but I did major in Early American History so that was a given.

My mom and I have been cooking all day, making classic Italian stuff: stromboli, eggplant parmesan, baked chicken and tomatoes, the list goes on. I revel in the preparation and the excitement of cooking stuff for a big event...that's why I've always worked side jobs in restaurants. I hope if you're doing a lot of planning like I am that it's going well and that you haven't pulled your hair out yet!


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