Wednesday, December 19


Sweater: Caslon, mom's from Nordstrom Rack, $12; Gold Studded Plaid Dress: Thrifted, $2.50.

Ahh, Christmas. Did you know it was Christmas time? ;) When I think of a quintessential Christmas scene, I imagine a couple strolling through the streets of midtown Manhattan, decked out in scarves and cozy knit hats, holding hands, and admiring the over-the-top window displays of the largest, most luxurious department stores. I also imagine some romantic Christmas jazz permeating through the streets. Let's add some hot chocolate in there for interest, shall we?

My Christmas time reality: coming home from work at 5 o'clock, pulling my sausage casing tights off, making a wholesome dinner of eggs and baked french fries, and catching up on the past season of Jersey Shore. I should mention that I do this all in my living room, where there is a sweet little Christmas tree on display...the same one I've had in my room since elementary school. Does that make it a Christmas festivity??

Little tree, since 1998.

Romantic? Not so much. Often I think to myself--I should call someone up to go for a walk through West Hartford, to admire the decorations and grab a cup of coffee! I realize my roommate has gone co-worker is already on her way home to New Haven...and my other couple of friends are also en route to their hometowns. Home home home. So, here I am, working on law school applications and watching reality television in my little apartment. Le sigh.

This is not a complaint, just trying to keep it real. I have been doing some present shopping on my lunch hour, which has been really fun. I admire my little tree, drink some hot chocolate, and send emails and texts to friends to catch up over the holidays. Is it bad to be single? No. If your reaction is an emphatic "YES!" then I'm not sure you like yourself enough. I am able to make this season about my family, friends, and in the mix, seeing what the new year brings. Also, what's more festive and fun than a friend texting you that she thinks she's found "the one?!" I think that brings some solid holiday cheer to my evening.


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