Saturday, December 8


You guys. I got one of those so-good-it-almost-hurts kind of deals. Just yesterday I got my regular gilt email, you know, the one that has the little updates on new sales. I decided to click on it. I didn't see anything special (I've been on gilt since it began but have never actually bought anything from them until now). Then I--purely accidentally--clicked on a link to see their live feed of purchases. When it bumped me over to that part of the site, I saw these Hunter boots on sale. For $50.

 Hunter Watling Rain Boot

$50, down from about $175. That is a FLUFFING bargain if I've ever seen one. Here's the thing, though. I still thought $50 was a lot, considering that I bought a pair of Old Navy rain boots for$11 last spring...and never wore them. Some of you may think I'm crazy. But I can't go buying everything because it's a good price.

Then I remembered. I had $25 in gilt credit for being a first time purchaser. So that is the story of how I got a pair of brand new Hunter rain boots for $25. Have you gotten any super good steals lately? Please share!


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