Sunday, December 9


This past weekend I visited one of my closest, dearest, most wonderful best friends, Christina. We met way back when we were in elementary soccer camp. Actually. Naturally, Christina (who is a triathlete, dang) kicked butt. Luckily she still wanted to be my friend, despite my obvious lack of soccer skills.

Christina goes to school up in Massachusetts, not too far from me, so it was due time to visit. And boy, did we have fun. I's impossible for us not to try and make every outing a fun time. But Christina, like I, is a lover of all things Christmas. So we infused some extra special Christmas cheer into the weekend. And, of course, she already had a Christmas tree up in her dorm room complete with a gingerbread house kit! The house kind of, hmm, collapsed, but we chuckled about it.

It was a lovely time getting to meet Christina's friends, as well. There was a big Christmas party going on so it was nice to go out for the first time in many months and feel the energy. It's the first time I've been out since the beginning of the summer, not to mention probably one of 2 times I've gone out in the past 6 months...the LSAT will do that to you. Edit: forgot to mention that her school paid two food trucks to come to the event, meaning, free food for all! How awesome is that?!

On me: Plaid blouse, J. Crew, thrifted, $3; F21 skirt, thrifted new, $1; Black heels, Tahari, $20; Bracelets, F21, $6 for two sets.

Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend filled with great friends and holiday spirit.


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