Thursday, January 17


About a year ago I went on a deep search for tips on how to keep long hair healthy. The number one rule I found: never put it up, always keep it down.

Welp, that stinks, I thought. How do you wear your hair down at the gym? How silly would it look to have your hair swaying like a horse's on the elliptical? Majorly embarrassing, you guys. Plus you'd look like some high-maintenance valley girl from Troop Beverly Hills...although that could be a fun throwback.

I digress--when you put your hair in a ponytail, it breaks along the elastic. That's why the underside of your hair can get fragile, as well as the baby hairs on top. So I devised a plan, to find a way to put my hair up at the gym without snagging it all off. It's not perfect by any means, but it helps create a thick base for your ponytail that doesn't make you feel like your hairs are being pulled out from your scalp one by one as you bounce on the treadmill.


1. Make two braids with the hair closest to your face (your hairline, pretty much). You can decide on how much hair to include, although I pick up whatever I would use in a half-updo.

2. Pull your hair into a ponytail or bun, being sure to grab the braids in a way that feels most comfortable to your scalp. Bonus step: mug for the camera and look like a total fool.

The braids will give you an added height bonus (raise your hand if you always wanted to be really tall), which might look strange, but your hair and scalp will thank you. I swear this takes 90% of the pressure off your noggin. It's wonderful.


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