Monday, January 28


Kate Spade Mittens, $10.

Snow again today. I was slipping all the way back to work on my lunch hour, holding my arms out to my sides, bracing myself for the fall. It never came. I somehow managed to make it back, snow accumulating in my hair, without a broken bone. I felt accomplished.

Today was quite interesting. Earlier in the day, in the afternoon, there was a moment that I knew could change things forever. I simultaneously felt the need to cry, and the urge to just giggle. I think I did neither, just smiled. That's kind of how I acted walking in the snow today. With so many things going on--including keeping my balance, physically, how unusual--I wanted to feel something. To cry because I was overwhelmed by the struggle or to laugh because when I'm upset the first thing I do is try and make fun of myself. It sounds strange, but that's just how I do it.

I got those Kate Spade gloves at the Lord & Taylor Outlet several weeks ago. Do you have one near you? Amazing. There happened to be a sale that day--a sale on top of a sale--where everything in the store was $10. Everything. I have a whole haul to do. It was actually when I was on the 1-hour checkout line that I caught them out of the corner of my eye. A cute little pick-me-up at the perfect moment.


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