Sunday, January 13


I could not wait to jump into my cozy bed this evening.

For the past several weekends (since I've finished law school stuff), I've been making trips back to New York. It is so, so wonderful to see friends old and new, and to be with family during this month of hibernation. We get this momentum for winter going in the fall--don't we?--where all we want to do is talk about drinking hot toddies under knit blankets while snow is falling outside. And then January comes, and all we want to do is lament the snow sludge and chilly winds! I am so guilty of that.

I am making an effort to see the good in this part of the year. January is that month of gearing up, of thinking, and reflecting, I think, more so than December. We're waiting for the year to progress--when we start to remember to write "2013" instead of "2012" the possibilities multiply in our heads. Where will it all go? The time to change is now, but can we really move forward without deep contemplation?

. . . .

As I was driving up earlier, I  happened to catch the most beautiful dusk. The sky was incredibly cloudy, and the pavement looked almost liquid beneath the fog. Kind of magical. And as I was taking in the fading scenery, the highway curved down between two mountains dusted with clouds. I immediately had one of those all-encompassing flashbacks, and I could feel myself being 10 again, looking up at the night sky from outside my grandma's house in the country.

It was that sensation of being so small, in such a mysterious and beautiful world. And even though it was cold and dark, I felt some sort of warmth, and reassurance really, that the winter still has this magical aspect to it that makes us children again. And I am going to try so hard to harness that.


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