Monday, January 7


It was one of those weeks, my friends. The one where things do not seem to go your way...the one when it seems like you can't really pick yourself up without hitting some sort of glass ceiling on happiness. It's not all that serious, but you know what I mean. Sometimes when you have setbacks it can be difficult to move forward at a pace that feels anything but fast, and in the meantime you have to wait with yourself, like a sloth. I'll tell you a funny story (please laugh at it or I will feel worse), twice, TWICE this past week I heard Pink's song "One Last Kiss" on the radio and both times I cried on command to the lyrics "Just when it can't get worse/I've had a sh** day/Have you had a sh** day?/we've had a sh** day?" It was like Pink and I were friends in that moment...not that I don't love her sass...It's just that I am kind of disgusted with myself for having such a strong reaction to a top-40 radio station as if it is the soundtrack to my life.

It would be nice if we could all look like this while crying.
Anywho, I went back to work today, which was actually quite nice. I live for routines; or should I say routines live for me? Stopping myself. So all in all it was nice to get my projects going again and to hit the gym after work like old times. I actually haven't gone to the gym consistently since July, when I really cracked down on my LSAT and had no time for living a sane life. I've spent all but that time of the past 4 years going to the gym 3 times per week so I am excited to start up again...inhaler in hand. I'm even thinking of doing some light running in the morning but that is so over the top for myself that I can barely believe I'm writing it (does anyone have suggestions for starting to run?).

This post really meandered. What a start to 2013! I have hope. There is always hope. Some things I look forward to this week are (I literally just paused for 10 seconds trying to remember what I should look forward to, oops, sadness) celebrating one of my best friends, Christina's birthday this weekend. Since it'll most likely be just her and I, I'm thinking of suggesting a fancy dinner and drinks at a Puerto Rican restaurant in New York. Do you ever just celebrate your birthday with your best gal pals? It's kind of the best.

Hope everyone is having a great week. I mean that sincerely, so don't doubt it!



  1. Dana - hope getting back into your routine helps perk you up! Spend some "me" time this week :)


  2. Thanks, Emily :) I'm such a sucker for those routines, haha. xDana