Tuesday, January 1


Okay...I know in my last post I alluded that I wouldn't mention resolutions.
But I have one that can be shared without being totally boring!

This year I want to fight the peer pressure and dress more modestly.

WHAT?! You might be thinking. This girl sounds crazy.

Maybe it's because I'm out of college, or maybe it's because I've been totally inspired by other bloggers, namely barefoot blonde and love taza; these women know how to rock a one-piece while still looking fresh and beautiful. I've been reading a lot of blogs written by more religious women, and their vow to keep things moderately covered is really inspiring to me...

...especially when NYE outfit posts of girls in belt-sized bandage skirts and belly-baring "boho" corset tops are all over Facebook and Instagram. Sometimes when I'm out at night and I'm slightly more covered up, I feel frumpy. I mean, who wants to be the one in a mid-length skirt when all the other girls are in minis catching everyones attention? I know I need to fight this. Skin does not equal style.

So I've been pining over some one-pieces, even though it's January and there is snow on the ground (I did say as soon as it's January I look forward to the summer! Maybe it's because I have a pool, uh, that's my excuse).

Here are three lovely one-pieces from ASOS I've been eyeing, all $25 and under.

ASOS cutout swimsuit, $14/ ASOS bow swimsuit, $23/ ASOS ruffle swimsuit, $24

Are you a bikini or one-piece gal? I have a ton of bikinis from Victoria's Secret but I am really jonesing for a one-piece, so they might have to collect some dust this summer..!


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