Friday, January 25


Coat: Old Navy, $17; Scarf: gift; Blouse, thrifted, $3; Beanie, Dollar Store.

If you don't live in the Northeast or haven't's cold! Surprises! While yes, it is close to 0 degrees out, I can't complain. It's cold, we can't change it (man made global warming aside), and the best thing I can do is layer, layer, layer up.

I took this photo after I got home from work today--I walk--without even remembering to take my headphones out. I think I was listening to "Peaches and Cream" by Beck. My old friend from high school and I used to dance to this after school while it spun on her record player. Cute.

Also, if you want my best advice for beating the cold weather--wear a thin fleece or cashmere vest under your coat. The editor-in-chief of Lucky wrote that tip in an article probably over 5 years ago, but I'll never forget it. I left my cashmere one at home (I thrifted it, don't get it twisted) but it really does cut a lot of the chill out, because it covers your core. Good luck, loveys!


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