Tuesday, February 12


1. Exuviance Essential Daily Defense Fluid, $40; this is a very liquidy moisturizer that is fantastic for sensitive skin. It's a little pricy but it lasts me about 6 months per bottle and doesn't break me out, which is a huge win in my beauty book. Sometimes I use their night moisturizer, too. It's not very popular but it's good.

2. & 3. Suave Keratin Infusion Shampoo and Conditioner, $3.50 each; I'll admit that as soon as this came out to rival Kerastase I joined in on the hype. It's really, really good, though. It makes my hair very smooth and adds a fair (but sadly not an insane) amount of shine. Really solid, and very affordable.

4. Clarisonic Mia, $100 with coupon (wait for them!); oh, when I got this for Christmas I nearly stretched my face from smiling too hard. I always feel like a beauty editor when I use it, and if you need any more impetus to buy it, here's my $0.02: It makes your skin feel super soft, like you've used a really good scrub, every single day. Also, I feel like it really minimizes my breakouts (+1!).

5., 6., & 7. RevaleSkin Day Cream, Night Cream, and Cleanser, $110, $120, and $40; I have to preface, I got these products several years ago when they were gifted to my dad (laughs). I'm not sure if I would spend the money on them (although you can find these for about half price all over the internet) but I will say that the day cream is very hydrating and the cleanser is quite milky and good for sensitive skin (my favorite out of the trio). The night cream I gave to my mom, however, I use their eye cream and serum sometimes, too.

8. Differin 0.3, price depending on insurance; My holy grail for any mild acne/breakouts. Seriously. I get it for $50 with my insurance (and a prescription), but every insurance is different. This is a really affordable treatment, and a retinoid to boot! It is the only thing that really curbs my (albeit very mild) cystic/hormonal breakouts. I recommend it so highly I want to scream it from the mountaintops. I use the stronger version 0.3, because I asked for it. I love it.

9. Original Moroccan Oil Treatment, $16.60; the oil definitely goes a long way and makes my ends feel far less fried. That is all. Sadly it does not give me the long, flowing, Mediterranean mermaid hair I so dream of.

So that is my daily skin & hair routine, at least currently. I love the repetition, the process of it, it's very feminine and relaxing, non? Please share your holy grail products, I'm still searching for all of mine but I'm getting there.



  1. Looks great! i have to try out some of these products!


  2. Where can you find Clarisonic coupons? I have been wanting to get one for awhile! Glad to hear you like.


    1. Hey Emily! Every couple of months the official Clarisonic website will have promotions, the one I see the most is 20% off. However, right now Skinstore is having $20 off orders of $100 or more, Clarisonic included, so that will give you a big discount! xDana