Saturday, February 16


I went outlet shopping by the coast today all by myself (boo). It was snowing, actually, though, so it was quite beautiful and relaxing and sort of solitary to wander in and out of stores. With outlets I mainly look for big ticket items at super discounts (like bags, sunglasses, party dresses, home items) and the cheap thrills along the way. Today was definitely a wildcard trip! To the steals...

Lauren Ralph Lauren Belle Harbor Twin Duvet Cover, $29.48.

What. a. STEAL. Seriously! Do you see how many times it was marked down? You gotta wait! The original price on this is upwards of $150, and it's just a duvet cover. Since I don't have a twin bed but have other parts of the Belle Harbor line, I bought this duvet cover for the fabric, to make pillows or even use as an accent throw at the bottom of my bed. This line has been discontinued for years now so I had to grab it. Also you if you've read this blog for a bit you know my undying love for Ralph Lauren Home.

Juicy Couture Pizza Box Charm, $7.

Let's talk about me. I love pizza. I love pizza so much I posted this to Facebook on Valentine's Day:

So when  I saw the charm for $14.98 with an extra 50% off, it was already mine in my heart. It's pretty silly, but it's sort of an inside joke with lots of my friends, my love of pizza. Blame it on the heritage!

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte Perle Lipsticks, $10 each.

Oh my word. Oh, it is that good. When I walked into the DCO, or Discount Cosmetic Outlet for those of y'all not in the club ;) I didn't know what to expect. Really I imagined a bunch of boring perfumes that they give out for free at department stores. Oh, I was so wrong. I walk right in and there is a table, TABLE of YSL lipsticks...and the table has a sign, "$10." I nearly dropped to my knees. I wanted to buy EVERYTHING. But I was being a good girl so I only bought two :/ Ugh now I'm regretting not buying a million but how many lipsticks does a girl need? Don't answer that. These retail for about $32 each. I mean...the deal is incredible.

So that is that. Has anyone had similar beauty steals at outlets? I never knew it could be so good!



  1. Those are some amazing steals! Love RL Home, and especially pizza, too :)


    1. Thanks, Emily! Are there outlets outside of Philly? I'm always so curious as to what kind of stuff different outlets have. The one up here in CT is so different from the one I normally go to in NY! xDana

  2. OMG! Such steals! I love the charm and the duvet cover - you're quite the lucky one :)

    1. Thanks, Dayle :) Sometimes I really have to reign in my excitement because most people think I am crazy for gushing over stuff I find! Hope you've had a great weekend. xDana