Sunday, February 3


New shoes from Target (wedge desert booties and pointy emerald heels with silver captoes) and some best girl time. I was enjoying the return of the college over-the-door mirror, don't judge me too harshly.

This weekend I visited one of my best friends, Christina, at her college in Massachusetts. As usual, we had a wonderful time catching up, getting dinner, and going out with her girlies (I'm a girly girl's girl through and through). They are fantastic, I tell you (I expect no less of the people who surround Christina), and we had such a lovely time laughing about life and the like, and all the bittersweet stuff, too. We ran around, danced our butts off--duh--and on our way home at the end of the night, walked through the most beautifully delicate snowfall and had one of those great, sisterly heart-to-hearts. A night to rock the boat, but a sweet night, indeed.


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