Tuesday, February 26


I've been so busy with work and such, but in the meantime I *somehow* found the moment to download Vine. I don't even really use twitter, so this was a stretch, but Vine is so stinkin' fun. It made this past weekend in NY even better, now that I get to capture it in short videos. On Friday I went exploring the Asian Market near our house and on Saturday I took some footage of my grandmother's (we call her Nanni, anyone else do that?) 80th surprise birthday brunch.

Asian Markets have the most fantastic colorfully aesthetic quality. All the packaging is bright, and don't even consider a package complete without a smooth rendition of the product pasted on the front. My mom and I have a bubble tea addiction (I get passion fruit, she, coconut) but we always walk down the dessert aisle on our way to the counter. Flavors like red bean, green tea, and sesame stand out and are quite delicious.


I'm hoping these gifs don't give you a headache, although I have a suspicion that they might. Haha!
I've also been doing some shopping lately (duh). I can't wait to show you my latest finds this week.



  1. Now I am craving bubble tea. I love Asian markets too!


    1. Haha! Which flavor do you get? I crave the passion fruit like no one's business! xDana