Sunday, March 31


I was lucky to have two Easters this year: one on Saturday night with a part of my Mom's family, and one on Sunday with part of my Dad's family. I love holidays, as it is totally my personality to live for traditions and consistency and...dessert, of course. So much chocolate was consumed.

Yes, those are my ugly Size 10 feet next to my little cousins' baby Nikes.

My cousin Candace found these very old dresses. The detail is stunning. The hand beading, the heaviness of each dress which is tailored to perfection...incredible.

On Sunday we had some family who live close by celebrate down the street (in my family's old house, nonetheless, which was sold to my Aunt and Uncle when I was in elementary school and we moved up the street)! All the present cousins (this is 1/8 of the family, at most) stood around the chocolate egg for photos. The glorious, giant chocolate egg is a longstanding tradition, specially ordered from Massachusetts and shipped via family member road trip year after year.

I made a carrot cake with little pearly sprinkles on top...I said the carrots were for the bunnies.

I ate so much candy in two days. So much sugar. I love Easter candy more than Halloween candy, by far. Everything is pink and blue and super sweet. I love Peeps--I'm one of those crazy people. Easter is also a good time to focus energy for the Spring...hoping for better weather up here! Also hoping that all of you had a wonderful weekend. Now I'm going to reflect on the Game of Thrones season premiere and sleep off this sugar headache!



  1. Yay Game of Thrones! I love those old dresses, they look gorg!


    1. Says the girl who was lucky enough to go to the Philly premiere! I LOVED your post about it. So jeal! xDana