Tuesday, March 26


Marshall's. T.J. Maxx. Nordstrom Rack. Which one of these things is not like the others? No matter how many times I frequent Marshall's (which is 5 minutes from my apartment, uh-oh), or T.J. Maxx, I always look forward to my trips home, aka the chance to go to Nordstrom Rack. So last time I went I found some incredible deals (duh). I think I'll start a GDaP rating system: 1 being no good deals to 10 being the absolute best. I would rate this trip around a 9, and that is saying A LOT. And even though I didn't buy anything--I am a student, after all--I couldn't help but think, how lovely it must be to be able to afford even this discounted luxury stuff. Forget about the real things! A students' dream is a little smaller :)

Prada Sunglasses, $80 each. Left pair, Minimal Baroque, $290 in  regular stores; Right pair, Cat's Eye, $250 in regular stores.

I wonder if I have to explain why these are such an incredible deal. Let me just say, if anything, every dang blogger on the internet and hottie celebrity wears these right now. And let's agree here, they probably paid full price instead of looking in the fantabulous sunglasses section at NR!

Evidence #1. Okay they're a bit different but chu know.

Evidence #2. Miranda Kerr, I mean, who doesn't want that face?

Marc Jacobs Bag, $199.97. Originally $850!

This bag is cray. I mean, who the heck would ever find a real Marc Jacobs (not by Marc by Marc, ladies) for that cheap?! I did. And of course I didn't get it. I still don't have the kind of money to splurge, and to be honest, if the bag was maybe a satchel or something I would get it, but something about bigger shoulder bags and the way the straps always fall off your shoulder seriously turns me off. But I'm selective like that, I guess. Anywho, I went back and it was gone and I really hope someone made it a home in their closet. The tag said altered or refinished, anyone know what might have been done to the bag? I thought maybe it was dyed black, or the bottom was longer and they took it in. Whatever must have happened, the person didn't like it and returned it, right? Drool.

Kate Spade Baby Blue Cobble Hill Satchel, $140. $348 in regular stores.

Of all the amazing super luxury deals, I have to say this bag was the hardest for me not to want to throw my hands in the air, shout, "Fluff it! MAMA'S GETTIN' A NEW PRETTY PURSE IN TIME FOR EASTER!" and make it my own. The baby blue was so soft but bright in person (that makes no sense), and the satchel-y design is my favorite. As you may see in the background, there were a ton of reddy/coral-hued bags of the same design, but the blue spoke to me, I tell you.

So there you have it. I love Nordstrom Rack because the deals can be so, so great in the accessories department. Do NOT skip the handbags & sunglasses! Oh, and I also found a Marni pussy bow blouse (think of the lovely internet searches that will arise from that word) for $36, originally $640. But, again, student budget!

GDaP Rating: 9.



  1. I love your posts like this! Great finds, I wouldn't have been able to pass up the Marc Jacobs bag!


    1. Thanks, Emily! I have to do more like this, it's what I really enjoy and I'm glad you do, too :) xDana