Saturday, March 9


I have to at least be a little bit in love with my room to feel settled or ready to take on every day. In the past, I had lots of "things" all over my walls to make everything feel familiar. Now I just have little surface vignettes, with a whole lot of beauty products scattered about. There are some pieces I really cherish that were found at tag sales and such, like my secretary's desk and campaign bureau, and there are some pieces I had to scour for, like my perfect Ralph Lauren Home white floral duvet (ebay, yo). My bed is from Ikea, and it is really wonderful (my good friend Annika just bought the exact one for her first apartment, too, and that feels pretty special). I made the poster above my bed recently to inject some spunk and motivation into my brain at night. I pulled the anchor design from here, changed the coloring and added the words and type. I'm not really one for posters or putting much on the walls anymore, so it's a little "juvenile" for me but I kind of like it. Fun to bring in a more bold color. Now, back to my relaxing Saturday (aka trying to simultaneously tackle and put law school out of my mind).


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