Thursday, April 11


"You must be a perfectionist." This is a sentence I have often heard, directed at me from a friend, professor, supervisor, you name them. But it's not true. I am not a perfectionist.

All throughout my academic career I have sat patiently in class, raised my hand when appropriate but sparingly, and did all my assignments. I have aimed for high grades, achieved them most of the time, and felt satisfied with my record. In middle and high school I think my quiet nature led people to believe I was actually brainy, the silent, super intelligent type. I am not super intelligent.

One day in college an acquaintance was asking me about my homework. I mentioned skimming through readings and then hitting the hay by 11PM. "So you're not going to do the whole reading?" "No, I never really do, I just skim enough to solidly understand it." "So you just kind of do the bare minimum for everything, right?" At first I thought I should be insulted. But I agreed. I try to do a good job at everything, but for me, perfection is just not worth the time and energy. My mental state is more important. I also like to tell myself that I can do well without giving 100%. It's up for debate.

Where this is skin is not perfect. In fact, recently I have had pretty stinky cystic/hormonal acne along my chin. I complain almost every day to my BFF Meg about it. I just hate waking up and seeing the redness, and even when it goes away untouched, it leaves a scar. So I'm going to share what I do to make my skin look almost-perfect. Because I'd rather have a little unevenness here and there than sit in front of the mirror and cake on foundation for 1 hour.

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream, $6.44

Ahh, I feel like I can breathe when I wear this. My skin feels light, much more even, and it's pretty much imperceptible. This is definitely on the lighter-coverage side, but I think it suffices for daily use. And it stacks up against the $30+ BB Creams--which I've tried--in my opinion.

Hard Candy Glamoflauge Heavy Duty Concealer, $6

I have bought expensive concealers before: Laura Mercier, Givenchy, Makeup Forever. None cover nearly as solidly as this one. And I put the emphasis on solidly because one pea sized amount is too much for coverage. I literally use a pinpoint-sized amount and dot it on a pimple and it completely covers it. You might get the "small skin-covered mountain" effect but it is so much better than a big, glaring, red blemish. I recommend going up 2 shades because it is pigmented super light.

And that's it, I don't really use anything else, other than a dusting of the Peter Thomas Roth Instant Mineral Sunscreen. Just enough to look decent, people. Let me know if you have any other cheapy beauty finds to give you near-flawless faces. Share the wealth of knowledge! You can keep it to a bare minimum if you like. I won't judge ;)


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