Sunday, April 28


I have rules in regards to my own happiness. I'm not sure if that's healthy or whatnot, but roll with me here. When it gets warm out (think above 65 degrees) I finally feel allowed to play pop music during the day. When it's cold out and I'm cooped up, I just can't muster it. Why play music like in da club if you're stuck inside looking out, curled up in loungewear (the home kind), sipping tea? Just makes me feel lame, like I'm not out there living life. Sorry to those who live in the tundra, I would guarantee you have a better handle on things than I do.

So, now that it's officially above 70 whole degrees today (!!!!) I took it upon myself to open a window, do a lot of Spring cleaning, and blast some lively tunes. I also thought it would be good to finally go through some of my recent purchases...heheh. Sarcastic emphasis on some. Get ready for a lot of pink and baby blue! And I'm not relating to baby brain here.


 Ralph Lauren Button-Down, thrifted, $3.99.

Forever 21 Mint-Blue Polka Dot Blouse, thrifted, $3.99.


Big Heart Logo Sweater, $6.48; Champagne Sequin Pullover, $6.48; Printed Floral Pullover, $6.48.


Pink-Striped Pullover, $6.45; Beaded Collar Striped Tee, $5.45.

So, in summation. What the heck was a current season-y Forever 21 super-trendy shirt doing at Goodwill so soon? And I checked it for stains, too. Crazy. I love the classic button up even more, though. With white shorts? Yup. The Target pullovers were too much fun. I don't have fun pullovers like those. And let me just say something I can't hold back anymore...

I will never call them JUMPERS. A jumper is a stupid term for a sweater or sweatshirt. End of story.

And the Gap stuff, man, they were having an extra 50% off sale when I went last week. Stripe heaven. It was actually the first time I've bought anything straight from Gap in a decade. Not exaggerating. But they've wooed me back. My GDaP rating will reflect how everything here is way under $10. Fabulous! Those are my favorite kind of finds.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend filled with love and laughter.

GDaP Rating: 7.


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